IMAGINE ... Short, Erotic Stories Inspired by Our Designs



I uncrossed and crossed my legs again, squeezing them roughly together. I'm so aroused. 

Master knows and smiles. He slides his finger through the raspberry sauce of our dessert and brings His finger to my mouth, His dark gaze locked on my lips.

"Open," He whispers.

I open my mouth and he rubs the syrup over my bottom lip. I know to wait for His command.

Smiling, His beautiful eyes stare into mine. "You're such a good girl. Now, taste." 

I slowly slide my tongue over my bottom lip, intentionally slow and sensual. I know what He's thinking. As the sweet raspberry taste explodes onto my tongue, I close my eyes and moan. I hear his breathing change and I smile inside.

We're in the dimly lit corner of a quiet, elegant restaurant, and I know that we're drawing attention. Master knows, and it's bringing out His inner beast. He loves an audience.

His hand drops to my thigh and slowly slides upward, taking the soft fabric with it. "Did you do as I instructed?" he asks.

"Yes, Master. No panties, no bra." His eyes become dark and stormy. 

He looks down at the necklace he gifted me with earlier. A silver piece with faceted black onyx, it hangs on a long beaded and silver chain. It's beautiful and truly unique. But I know. I know He's going to torture and tease me with this thing. He reaches for it and slides out the long silver cylinder.

"Oh, no Master, please, not here! Can't we go home and play? Please."

I don't know why I bother. I know begging Him not to do something only makes Him determined to do it. He pushes the bottom on the sleek cylinder and it starts to vibrate in His hand. His smile goes from sensual to sadistic in the blink of an eye. 

He leans in and presses a kiss to my neck and chills run down my spine.  He whispers in my ear, "You're going to have to be very quiet and discreet." Then nips my earlobe with his perfect teeth and growls "Now, spread your legs, Beauty."







Master sits in His wing-back chair, sipping coffee and thinking about the day ahead as He waits on His love. She steps from the bathroom, her hair falling in silky waves down her back. The scent of her perfume causes His heart rate to accelerate. He sits the cup on the chair side table, the coffee now forgotten.
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She has His full attention, and she knows it. She steps to the bed, turning her back to Master as she unbelts the silk robe and lets it slide slowly down her back to puddle at her feet. She hears Him take a deep breath. She doesn't look at Master as she puts on the lacy lingerie that He chose for her. As she turns and sits on the bed, she gives Him that soft, sexy smile that's just for her Master.

Making a slow, sensual show of sliding the delicate thigh highs up her legs, she enjoys the gentle tease. His gaze becomes more intense and she knows He's hardening.

She stands and steps in front of Him.

'Kneel for me, Angel," He quietly commands. She slowly drifts to her knees between her Master's shiny dress shoes, her head bent.

A few heartbeats later, warm fingertips raise her chin. Her eyes lock with His.  Master gathers her hair and moves it so that it all flows over her left shoulder. He opens the drawer and pulls out the collar for today. Oh, her favorite. A sterling collar with a beautiful floral pattern, accented with gold.

The metal of the collar is cool against her throat, and goosebumps race across her skin when she hears the lock click closed.

'You belong to Me, Angel', he whispers.

His hands wrap around the collar, warming it and His mouth lowers to hers. His kiss is deep and devouring. Possessive.

Oh, we're going to be late … again.









As I walked thru the party, chatting with friends and family, I received so many compliments on my new collar and cuffs. Even my father commented on them. (Mercy, if Dad only knew Sir's collar was locked in the back, lol).

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No one knew.

Later, as we danced, Sir, whispered in my ear, "You look stunning, little one. It's too bad I'm going to destroy that pretty silk blouse." He chuckled as a shiver ran through me. Gently nipping my ear with his teeth, Sir said, "Oh, did I mention that I also ordered a leash, and that flogger? I had it monogrammed 'brat'."






Connor pulled the car into my drive and turn off the ignition. He never glanced my way as he got out and walked around the front of the car.

Dressed so elegantly in a midnight blue jacket and white dress shirt, My collar glinting under the streetlights. Dark hair, dark blue eyes. Damn, he's glorious

I imagine him kneeling before me, his head bowed

His smile was soft and sensual as he opened the car door and held his hand out to me.

"Mistress," he murmured.

I placed my hand in his. So much larger than mine. Big, calloused, hard working hands. Yet so gentle with me. 

I stood, lifting my mouth to his. His lips covered mine in a hesitant kiss. I slid my finger under the silver collar at his throat and tugged him closer. He instinctually deepened the kiss.

Tugging at his lower lip with my teeth, I growled against his mouth, "you're so fucking Mine."

Turning on my stiletto heels, I kept my finger inside the collar and led him inside. 

As he closed the door behind us, I slid two more fingers under My collar, tightening it considerably. I tugged until his head dropped and he looked into my eyes. His breathing quickened and his eyes dilated.

Staring into his eyes, I said, "Go into the playroom. Layout my chains and whip, then strip and kneel. Wait for me, and don't you dare move until I tell you to."





THE VIKINGS ARE HERE. Here to take what does not belong to them.

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The cold winds caused her to shiver. Or 

maybe it was the predatory look in his eyes. He stood at the edge of the sea, staring up at her standing on the cliffs.

A true warrior. Big and powerful. Dangerous. Handsome as the devil himself.

Run, her mind screamed.

Yet all she could do was stand frozen in place, held captive by his icy blue stare.

He lifted his arm, silver sparkling on his hand and wrist. Pointing toward where she stood, his lips lifted in a purely evil smile.

Speaking to the men around him, he command,"Bring the girl to me."