I just received my wife's collar. Let me just say it is beautiful. Thank You, so much for completing it for me. It is even better than I expected it to be. We will surely be conducting more business with you in the future. It is an amazing piece of art. It gives me great pleasure to display my relationship with my sub so boldly. The "normal" folks look at it and say such a nice necklace, but we know the true meaning of it, and we just smile, and thank them for the compliment. We'll cherish this symbol, you provided for us always. ~ Matthew


Hey Francesca, It is now my turn to thank you, my special lady has received her gift and she absolutely adores it. Thank you very much for taking the time to make sure it was perfect. ~ Many thanks, Chase 


I am the soon to be slave that will be wearing this collar. My Dom and I have been together for two and a half years and it's been a wild ride. Next month we'll be doing our collaring ceremony. Our friends from the beginning and new ones are super excited to finally see this happen. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for creating an absolutely gorgeous piece, and how appreciative we are. It's a very serious matter to us and we're glad we went with your work. I will wear it proudly (:  Thank you again, Anonymous


Francesca, I am so excited about getting the  collar that I ordered that I am like a child in a candy store.  My new submissive girl friend will be squirming in her chair when I put that on her neck. It’s a lovely way to show her that she’s safe in my hands. ~ Jake


Just received my collar. It's beautiful. I love wearing your pieces all over that people notice. My husband and me find it funny that 2 older adults can share a beautiful secret with a piece of your jewelry. It's nice to have something on outside the house besides our wedding rings, it creates  excitement in me again. This will be it for me until Christmas. It was great to read all about you and receive your personal thank yous. ~ Patricia 


I have a collar you made and I absolutely love it. We may be buying a new one soon! Thank you for making such beautiful, real jewelry! ~ Tamara


I stumbled along your shop and fell in love with the touch of class you add to your collars. It's such a important piece (I want a collar instead of a wedding ring) and you have many I would be proud to wear. Have a lovely day I'll be sending my other half your way. ~ Kim


Thanks for the help, I have a little miss desperate to get her hands on it :D ~ Mark


She really did love it. You should have seen her face when she saw it ... ~ Dominick P. 


Well crafted very cute can't see where it opens once it's closed. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Came with a sweet hand written note completely made my day! ~ samijo11 


You did an amazing job! Sir and I are so happy with how this turned out. We specialized our order and it still arrived beautifully packaged and surprisingly fast. I'm jealous of your new line lol. Definitely will be back!! Thank you Francesca! ~ girlimperfectlyimperfect 


My collar is absolutely beautiful! Great quality and design, even the packaging was great and thoughtful! I am so happy with it and know it will last me years and years! ~ brandis


Francesca, I am in awe of this collar. It is stunning and fits me perfectly. You created my collar for me to represent my commitment but when I put it on it also transcended my well being. No words can describe the balance I feel right now. Thank you for lovingly creating the most beautiful treasured jewelry I will ever own. ~ Roxxxie