ARTISAN LEASHES - New 06.11.19

My Secret Heart

Posted on June 11 2019

ARTISAN LEASHES - New 06.11.19

Warm full lips touched hers, softly, tenderly.  She sighed into his mouth, and he breathed it in. Raising his head, he looked straight into her eyes. “Do you trust me?” 

Her eyes softened, she gave him a brief nod of her head.

“I need to hear it, I need you to say the words.”

“Of course, I trust you, Sir.” Damn that made him hard as a rock.

He kept his eyes locked with hers as he very slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out the leash. Her eyes instantly dropped, and he heard her soft gasp. He didn’t move, merely waiting an eternity until she finally raised her eyes back to his. So damn blue. 

It took her a moment to realize exactly what he held. A leash? Oh shit ...

But it certainly didn’t look like any ‘leash’ she’d ever seen. She felt the blood rush thru her, warming her. Heating her. Settling into her core. The chain of the leash was so delicate dangling from his big hand. She realized that it was more symbolic than functional.

The handle was black leather with a silver pattern riveted on the top. An amethyst glistened in the dim light. He’d chosen well, it matched her collar and was truly beautiful.

As she raised her gaze back to his, she was stunned by the sheer power of his eyes. Hungry. Possessive.
She barely heard him, his voice low and raspy. “On your knees, kitten.”

She drifted down and held the position he’d taught her. Her head automatically tilted toward to polished wood, but his fingers lifted her chin. Warm fingers brushed the skin of her throat as cool metal feathered down her chest and into her cleavage.


A sudden pull on the chain pulled her head up. Closer.

“Let’s begin. Follow me, kitty.”

I'm finally doing it!!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣I'll be creating a collection of high end artisan leashes to compliment my collars and cuffs. I've been wanting to make artisan leashes for sooo long. This was a custom order to match the Soft and Sweet Collection
Take control, and lead your submissive with this exquisite artisan BDSM leash that blurs the lines between beauty and bondage. That tactile feel of leather. Cool metal chain warming against the skin. Pure Indulgence, with the gleam of silver and glint of gemstone.
Black leather forms a secure loop for comfortable dominance during use. Riveted on the top is a strip of our sterling silver Soft and Sweet pattern in sterling, and embellished with a faceted Amethyst set into a silver filigree bezel.
The sterling chain measures 36” and has a swivel trigger clip on the end, making it easy to snap into an O Ring or anchor point.

To be worn with a collar or handcuff bracelet.


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